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Our official CrossFit Box opens this year 2019 with a 1500 square metres space. This space includes all types of facilities to satisfy on one hand, the people who are starting to practice CrossFit for the fisrt time; and on the other hand, for those more experienced and demanding in the sport. Whatever your goal is, like achieving a more healthy lifestyle or working hard to face your limits, at Crossfit Dénia you won’t only find a place to do so, you will find a supporting community , a place where we leave to one side the egos and we treat each other with respect, helping each other, because as you know, we all start from scratch sometime, and in short, this is what CrossFit is about, it’s about feeling better, inside and outside.


Crossfit consists of accomplishing dynamique trainings where movements and exercises of different disciplines are combined, with the aim of strengthening our body to a more functional point. From this point on, you will mark your own goals, from attending two times a week to improve your phisical condition and feel better in your daily routine, to accomplishing the máximum benefit of this encouraging space. Therefore, your phisical abilites do not matter because Crossfit is for all ages, genders and conditions, but better than just reading about it, why don’t come and try it out? We look forward to meeting you.

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We have got various rates so that you can choose wich one is more suitable for your necessities depending of the time you are available or what you would like to achieve.

Basic Rate
Month with iva. incl

8 trainings a month
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Advance Rate
Month with iva. incl

12 trainings a month
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Elite Rate
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Unlimited training
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Información descuentos*

10% de descuento para parejas o miembros de la misma família

Descuentos por previo pago:
  • 10% de descuento previo pago trimestral
  • 15% de descuento previo pago semestral
  • 20% de descuento previo pago anual

*Descuentos y promociones no acumulables. Es necesario presentar documentación acreditativa.


If you are on holiday or you want to work out at your own pace, at CrossFit Dénia we have training offers so that you are able to come whenever you want.

1 Class
iva incl.
5 Classes
iva incl.
10 Classes
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Horarios del Box

En la siguiente tabla puedes consultar el horario de las clases y la actividad que se realizará. Recordamos que para asistir a las clases es necesario inscribirse previamente a través del calendario de reserva.

Horario Lu Ma Mi Ju Vi
8:00h C C C C C
9:30h H C G C H
10:30h C C C C C
11:30h O O O O O
12:30h O O O O O
14:00h C C C C C
15:00h O O O O O
16:30h O O O O O
17:30h C C C C C
18:30h H C G C H
19:30h C C C C C
20:30h C C C C C
9:30h a 10:30h
10:30h a 11:30h
11:30h a 13:00h

Entrenamientos dirigídos:
C = Clase CrossFit | H = Halterofilia | G = Gimnasticos
Entreamientos libres:
O = Open Box


If you have any further questions or would like to visit the box or work out with us, feel free to use any of the contact forms.

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